Welcome Good Fortune in the Year of the Brown Dog

How lucky will you be in the Year of the loyal, honest and friendly Brown Earth Dog? Join the Promenade’s Fortune Festival and find out what your special gifts for the year will be.

Keep your receipts dated from February 1 to 18, 2018 for items and services bought at Theater Mall and the Promenade.

Single receipts or accumulated receipts that total Php 2000 entitle you to pick an Ampao from the Fortune Tree and win fun and lovable prizes. The more receipts you have, the more chances to pick fortunes from the Ampao Tree!

Present your receipts to the Good Luck, Health and Wealth Booth at the Promenade 3 Lobby and start getting lucky!

The Good Fortune Ampao Tree will be up from February 1 to 18, 2017.