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Theatre Mall opens and further expands the Music Museum complex. Cinemas using the latest technology, shops and dining places turn Greenhills into an exciting new destination.

The Promenade: One more glittering addition to the Music Museum Complex

The Music Museum is now more than just the Music Museum. It has evolved into a dining, shopping and entertainment hub and the complex is known as the Music Museum Group. It includes Shoppesville Plus (a hobbyist’s and aficionado’s haven for gadgets, rare toys, specialty items, gaming hardware, software, and consoles), Theater Mall (a hive of cinemas, shops, dining and coffee places), Promenade (a level-up shopping place with more shops, lifestyle services, dining places, and the most modern cinemas) and Teatrino (the biggest little theater in this part of Greenhills that has become a favorite events place for launches, parties, cozy performances, and what have you.

Rex Drilon, President of Ortigas & Company, Kuh Ledesma, Sen. JV Ejercito, Sen. Loren Legarda, Precy Florentino and Freddie Santos toast T.E.A.T.R.I.N.O. in 2006.