Sun on Strike. Conquer the Sun.

And the heat goes on.

So grab yourself some cool summer sippers right here at Theater Mall and the Promenade to help you go one up over the summer heat.

Starbucks Coffee offers cold brews for summer over your usual favorite special Joes. You can enjoy them iced, blended or served in a float. Each one has its special cool drool.

At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, get seduced by new coconut drinks with a tropical vibe: sweet, milky and ice-blended! Go further into the Torrid Zone and beat the heat with more tropical treats like guava, mango and their unique Sunrise, all ice-blended!

Xing Fu Tang from Taiwan has brought their brown-sugar milk tea to this part of town. Best known for their signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk, they’re here to cool you down more than you can bargain for. The tapioca pearls, flavored with a subtle smoky caramel flavor, are to die for.

Cool your body from the inside out at JCo Donuts! Of course you know they don’t just serve donuts, don’t you? Their coffee blends and iced teas plus yogurt frappes are North Pole worthy. Get frozen in summer with their iced coolahs.

Café Xocolat is Ground Zero for heavenly milkshakes and blends that use chocolate as divine temptation. Be it chocolate or coffee drinks, shakes or blends, they’re out to conquer chocoholics on the lookout for a super cool summer.

Enjoy both “happy sunshine and cold snow” at Happy Lemon. Their drinks come in series (Matcha Series, Tiramisu Series, Milo Dinosaur Series, Milk Tea Series, Lemon Series, etc.) and are so wittily concocted, you’ll be surprised at how many orders you can consume.

The mother of all cool fruit juices is back. The Big Chill combines the health and yumminess of fresh fruits in pure juices, delicious fruit blends and power blends. What is summer but lush, colorful fruits made more heavenly as ice-blended fruity beverages.

Gong Cha is everybody’s favorite go-to place when you’re craving for Milk Tea. These light, breezy drinks with those seductive pearls call out to you when the sun is beating down mercilessly. All the flavors you crave in milk tea are here. The perfect pepper-uppers on a hot, hot day.

And finally, the chillers at Gloria Jean’s Coffee are thrilling. All the coffee with chocolate treats are perfectly blended with just the right dose of creaminess and coolness. If you’re craving cold drinks on the sweet side, this is the coolest place to be.

Who cares about the heat?