#QuirinoAt125: A Teacher’s Journey to Greatness

#QuirinoAt125 is a celebration of the life and times of President Elpidio R. Quirino on his 125th birth anniversary with a year-long series of programs. A nation of transformed citizens inspired by his legacy with a strong sense of national identity is its vision. #EQ125

“Elpidio Quirino (1890–1956) was the second president of the Independent Republic of the Philippines.

Born in 1890, Elpidio Quirino was elected to the Philippine Congress in 1919. He was part of the independence mission to Washington that freed the Philippines from American control in 1934. He then served as vice president under Manuel Roxas, becoming president upon Roxas’ death in 1948. For six years, Quirino oversaw post-war reconstruction, but his administration suffered from corruption.” 

In memory of his greatness, the Pres. Elpidio Quirino Foundation (PEQF) has activities lined up this year including the launching of its official website www.elpidioquirino.org; ‘Guro to Pangulo Awards’ dedicated to outstanding teachers across the country; #QuirinoAt125 Lecture Series for the public (Professor Winnie Monsod ‘s lecture on the Philippines’ post-war economy under President Elpidio Quirino, Jaime Laya on education, Ambeth Ocampo on Philippine-Japan relations, and Bernard Kerblat on the history of refugee arrivals in the Philippines); teachers happy and healthy day at SM malls; marathon and pop-rock concert at Quirino Grandstand; bike race from Luneta to Quirino province; launching of Quirino museum in Vigan City; Elpidio-Alicia musical; love letters book; commemorative stamps; and tree planting of bamboos and coconuts.

#QuirinoAt125’s mission: Intriguing, informing, and inspiring future leaders to live out PEQ’s legacy as a nation-builder by supporting programs in education, environment, and economic development. In support for this cause, the Music Museum Group (MMGI) joins the information campaign.

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Displayed all throughout Greenhills Promenade, please visit our cinemas, digital posters and e-billboards expressing more discoveries and other enlightening points about #QuirinoAt125. Our main goal is to uplift the values of the true Filipino, to contribute more love for our country and to promote greater understanding and appreciation of us being a Filipino.

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The biggest celebration for Quirino’s 125th birth anniversary is set on November 16 in Vigan City — the former president’s birth place. For inquiries and info, call 463-5572 / 0915 8946290 or email them at quirinofoundation@gmail.com.

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