New restos, food outlets at Promenade and Theater Mall turn Greenhills into exciting, diverse food scene

There is so much good food at Greenhills Promenade and Theater Mall, but how do you choose which ones to go to?

You can start with the newest dine-out additions to the Metro’s favorite shopping, dining and entertainment destination. From pop Pinoy food to Mexican grill to Hongkong comfort food with a French twist to an eclectic bistro that specializes in Filipino Italian food to Japanese cream buns and a choose-your-wild food station, there will surely be something to catch your fancy and excite your palate there.


There’s Pedro ‘N Coi, the cool Pinoy resto with a street beat. It turns. Traditional Pinoy favorites into new fare, like the Sisig is chunkier, for instance, and the Crispy Pata morphs into Kare-Kare. The interiors make you feel like you’re sampling the goodies right out in the street, complete with traffic, buses, sari-sari stores and scurrying pedestrians. The ambience and energy adds an extra something to the delicious food. A different experience, really.

There’s TuanTuan, the Chinese Brasserie that serves HongKong food with a modern French flair. Conceptualized by the Lu Gang Group and Lui Garden/Deer Garden restaurants of Canada, some of the favorites here include Mui Garden’s Curry by Vancouver’s Chef Gordon Mui, Deer Garden’s Halibut Fish Soup and Tuan Tuan’s Snowy Baked Buns.

Meanwhile, if you’re craving Mexican food, check out El Cabrito at the second floor of Promenade in Greenhills. This is the place to indulge in grilled goodies, street tacos and antichucos (grilled skewered meat, chicken or fish) of all varieties. Tasteful and affordable, you will also find soup (Albondigas en Chipotle), rice plates, grilled boneless chicken, even a San Francisco style lean Sisig.

Or if you like casual dining and your go-to fare is substantial, yummy food, check out L.A. Bistro at the Promenade Food Court. It’s a casual American dining find that serves eclectic fare — from lasagna and pastas to pork belly.

Wingstop lets you fly on wings and wings and wings – anyway you like it – tenders, boneless bites or classic wings – in various flavors (Louisiana Rub, Korean Soy, Garlic Parmesan, Hot Buffalo, among others), with side dishes, salads and sandwiches to boot.

You can go Japanese too for dessert in a completely new way. Hattendo from Japan brings the famous chilled cream buns to Manila. Marshmallow soft and pleasingly sweet, the bread buns come in seven cream flavors: Custard, Matcha, Azuki Bean, Chestnut, Chocolate, Whipped Cream and Mango, with more flavors in the offing very soon. These have been a favorite Japanese pasalubong (omiyage) since 1933.

Check out more dining areas at the Promenade and Theater Mall. The various fare to be found have made this part of Greenhills a must-try food trip destination.