Lost Ph

Lost Ph
U-11 2nd floor, Promenade Greenhills

Even adventure seekers have a go-to place now at The Promenade. LostPh, an experiential destination, lets you bond and have fun as you strategize to face challenges, solve problems and escape as a team!

You can enjoy the thrilling, exciting adventure with friends, family, classmates, and co-workers. Lost PH Escape Rooms include Level 6, Castiglione, Aokigahara, Exodus, Mausoleum, and Alcatraz. Check out more details and rates about each room at https://www.lost.com.ph/rooms. Gone are the days of mundane lock and key concepts as LOST’s creative game developers work with advanced technology to bring the Philippines a unique and rewarding escape room adventure. Teams will be challenged with a highly interactive and diverse range of puzzles in each of the LOST rooms with high-end technology that goes beyond UV lights and magnetic fields.