Golden Spoon


Golden Spoon
Location: Theatre Mall

Golden Spoon frozen yogurt is a fun, premium quality alternative to ice cream that tastes good with zero fat (in all but three of flavors) and very few calories. Eating – and especially eating dessert – is an emotional experience. With that in mind, Golden Spoon’s founder painstakingly crafts each frozen yogurt flavor to evoke an emotional connection between consumer and product. From the Old-Fashioned Vanilla that tastes like the side of an ice cream sandwich you licked as a child to the Pumpkin Pie that taps into warm holiday memories, Golden Spoon yogurt provides more than dessert – it provides nostalgia for its consumers.

The vast majority of today’s consumers still prefer the taste and creamy texture of ice cream over tangy frozen yogurt, and yet they want yogurt’s health benefits. Golden Spoon lets them have both. Once consumers experience Golden Spoon’s product, they don’t need to be persuaded to eat yogurt – the dessert’s great taste, smooth texture and obvious health benefits speak for its merit. In fact, an Orange County Register poll found that 60 percent of consumers polled preferred Golden Spoon as their preferred destination for a frozen dessert – that’s 20 percent more than the other five competitors combined!

With a health-conscious product, Golden Spoon frozen yogurt acts as an agent to counter obesity, one of the most serious health threats we face today. Golden Spoon is “ice cream” to our customers of all ages.

By owning its recipes and overseeing all of its product’s processing, Golden Spoon never has to worry about a manufacturer changing its ingredients or discontinuing a flavor. Golden Spoon represents a quality that consumers have grown to love during the last three decades.