Congratulations, Graduate!


How did the tradition of throwing graduation caps up in the air at the end of graduation rites begin? Have you ever wondered?

History traces back the tradition to 1912 in Annapolis, Maryland where students at the United States Naval Academy (who were classified as midshipmen) threw their caps in the air at the end of their graduation rites. They did it because for the first time in the Academy’s history, the graduates would become officers the following year and would wear a different uniform and cap. Maybe because they were required to wear those caps all the time, they gleefully parted with the caps in celebratory style.

Today, the tradition lives on. Graduates in various parts of the world still throw their caps in the air at the end of their commencement exercises – probably without knowing why.

One thing’s sure. Graduation = celebration. Families and friends get together for this grand rite of passage from one stage to the next – be it pre-school to kindergarten, grade school to high school, high school to college, or college onto the so-called “real world”.

For Filipinos, blow-outs and parties are always part of the graduation tradition. Celebrate your friends’ or family’s Graduation Party at Theater Mall, the Promenade and the new Promenade where both well-loved and sparkling new dining places are ready to make this special occasion ultra memorable for you.

Celebrate good times, come on! Happy Graduation!