Arce Dairy Ice Cream

Arce Dairy Ice Cream
Location: Theatre Mall


Arce Dairy Ice Cream: The All Original Filipino Ice Cream!

Feel the heavenly taste of natural carabao milk brought to you by ArceDairy Ice Cream, Philippines.

The first spoonful is a millisecond’s journey to a gentler era that our grandparents still speak about in tones of nostalgia. There is no mistaking the purity of ingredients. Your taste buds rejoice in the natural flavor and goodness of fresh carabao’s milk. The added chunky and tender strips of macapuno that roll around one’s mouth heighten the pleasure. Sweetness was never this subtle! The over-all texture is liquid silk. Rich but amazingly light. In the end, you’ll know nothing extraneous comes between you and pureness of fresh carabao’s milk. This is the ice cream you’ll crave for as you have more and more of it! This is what ArceDairy Ice Cream is all about!