The Music Museum Group

The Music Museum Group began with the Music Museum in 1988. Kuh Ledesma’s trailblazing concept of a full-entertainment theater that was also a dining place was a dream come true for both performers and audiences alike.


A fire gutted it to the ground in 1992, but in just two years, not only was a new, better Music Museum up on the same spot, a whole new complex of shops, kiosks, dining places, food courts and cinemas made this part of Greenhills a lifestyle destination

Today, besides the Music Museum, there is Shoppesville Plus, a unique shoppping enclave for hobbyists and shoppers of specialty items, gadgets and techie . Theater Mall, a sprawl of shops, kiosks, dining places, two cinemas and a food court where the old Greenhills Theater used to be. The Promenade, a mirror image of Theater Mall across the plaza that is a bigger turf for shopping, lifestyle pursuits, dining, snacking, and watching movies. Teatrino, a cozy, versatile and adaptable theater that is launch place, party place, concert venue, private theater party place, and more. And the luxurious, viewer-friendly Greenhills Cinemas (2 at Theater Mall and 6 at the Promenade) where movie buffs can enjoy the latest movies and special showings in comfortable and luxurious surroundings, with a big plus : movies screened in Dolby Atmos, the most advanced sound technology in the world, at Cinemas 6, 7 and 8.

Greenhills Promenade panorama

Thus, Music Museum – the brave theater concept that started it all – is now the Music Museum Group, a complex of shops, dining places, lifestyle products, services and moviehouses that have made Greenhills a must-experience destination for theater and concert aficionados, movie enthusiasts, bargain seekers, shopaholics, foodies, hobbyists, even church goers. (Religious services are also held at The Music Museum, Theater Mall, the Promenade and Teatrino.)

This is the group that reinvented Greenhills into the most exciting part of San Juan City.


The Music Museum concept was way ahead of its time. In the late 80’s, its founder, Kuh Ledesma – the famous music diva – wanted to give local audiences a taste of New York and Las Vegas in little doses, with some historical flair thrown in.


Kuh wanted a theater restaurant where people could listen to music, watch theater, laugh, be carried away, and appreciate the wealth of Filipino artistry that was world-class in quality.

On August 8, 1988, the Music Museum was born. It was a music-themed restaurant with a theater gallery built around the stage. Guests could sip drinks and eat cocktail food while being entertained by excellent performances. On the walls were ensconced memorabilia from past stunning performances by the country’s best artists. Nora Aunor’s “Tawag ng Tanghalan” trophy is enshrined there. Randy Santiago’s jacket, Gary Valenciano’s first dancing shoes, the Apo Hiking Society first entertainment contract, and Liza Macuja’s first ballet shoes hang on the walls.

It was the first theater of its kind in Manila – definitely ahead of Planet Hollywood in making music memorabilia the decorative accents of the place.

Since its birth, Music Museum has been the stage for countless Filipino talents expressing or interpreting the vibrancy of Filipino pop culture. The Music Museum has showcased treasures of performances from famous and upcoming singers, talented musicians, the hottest stage acts, the best bands, ensembles and stand up comedians. It has launched the names and careers of countless performers, featured foremost entertainers at their peak. It was an active, high-spirited, convivial hub of music, art, entertainment and fun. It is an institution in the entertainment industry.

In 1990, when Kuh Ledesma was thinking of bringing her act abroad, she sold The Music Museum to her good friend Precy Florentino. Although hesitant at first to take on such an enormous responsibility, Precy and some trusted associates bought The Music Museum and took over its management.

But changes were in store. Only a few months after taking over, the Music Museum was hit by fire,; almost all of the valuable memorabilia went up in smoke. Things seemed hopeless for a while, and the new owners did not know where and how to start. But letters from friends, patrons, music lovers, theater aficionados and fans poured in, asking when Music Museum would go up again, begging the new owners to bring back the well-loved, hard-working little theater that had made the popular arts come alive in this part of the City.

That Music Museum again went up, piece by piece, block by block, with new equipment and shiny memorabilia being collected to again give the theater-gallery its soul, is a testament to the love and passion of its owners for what the Music Museum stands for.

In just a year’s time, Music Museum reopened and resumed the lively, artful activities within its walls. It is today, bigger than ever, better than ever – and still unequaled in this part of town.

But the Music Museum is no longer just The Music Museum. It has grown into a more active hive of entertainment, leisure activities, shopping, dining, gaming and more! In 2002 the Theater Mall – a cluster of shops, dining places, kiosks, nooks and theaters – was added to Music Museum to give visitors more things to see and do in the Greenhills area. The old Greenhills Theater was dressed up and transformed into two new state of the art cinemas. The Promenade was added up in 2005, with more cinemas, more shops, more dining places to give everyone – no matter what age or gender – something pleasurable and memorable to do in Greenhills. Teatrino, which joined the group in 2006 made Greenhills an even more irresistible destination for entertainment and lesiure seekers.

But it all started with the Music Museum – the inspiration for all things nice, all things excellent, all things inspiring, rewarding and fun.



Experts say moviewatching is good for one’s health and sense of well-being. Pamper yourself and get a mood-lift by watching movies at Greenhills Cinemas – ranked among the Top Ten Cinemas in Metro Manila.

Enjoy first-class amenities in all eight cinemas of Theater Mall and the Promenade. And revel in the luxurious atmosphere of new Cinemas 6, 7 and 8 which are fitted with Dolby Atmos sound technology – the most advanced sound technology in the world that “lets you hear the whole picture”. Did you know? Greenhills Cinemas were the first in the country to show movies in Dolby Atmos. For that, Dolby gave an Award of Distinction to Greenhills Cinemas for being the first Philippine moviehouse to bring the movie watching experience to the next level.

Check that out as you also take a trip back in time to the days when movie theaters were entertainment palaces. The new Promenade cinema lobby has the grandeur of movie theaters of the 50s and 60s. It’s the only cinema in town with museum art : a large-sized mural fashioned from metal by National Artist for the Visual Arts Benedicto Cabrera (Bencab) entitled 8 Movements. Towering palm trees, mood lighting, and wrap- around giant posters of Oscar Best Pictures that adorn the lobby complete the luxe treatment in our cinemas. Even the rest rooms are ritzy and artful…



There’s more to love at the Promenade. Because, look! It’s now bigger and better. There are more shops where you can embark on new shopping adventures. More eating places where you can sample new flavors and savor good company – from little corner nooks to five-star dining. There are new brands to try and turn into favorites. More ways to enjoy the things you like best – like browse, graze, read, meet up or just relish time alone with yourself.

You can pamper yourself right here. Or find ways to improve your health and sense of wellbeing. We’re sure you’ll love all the big and little things that are popping at the Promenade. We guarantee it.



This is Greenhills’ best kept secret : a tucked-in area nestled atop the Shoppesville area on the top floor. A hobbyist’s and aficionado’s haven, this is the place to find rare toys, specialties, techno gadgets, gaming software and consoles. If you like this stuff, follow the trail to this fun refuge. You’ll find lots of kindred spirits there.


Cinemas. Shops. Coffee Places. Interesting Eating Places. Meeting Places. Discovery Places. Fun Places. Enjoy shopping, bargain-hunting, unwinding, relaxing, energizing. All at Theater Mall.

Greenhills TheatreMall



 The Queen of the Dining Theater experience. Established in 1988 this leisure-entertainment hub has seen it all and done it all : from sell-out concerts to rollicking comedy shows to serious and whimsical theater to satire and poetry reading, all the way to praise and worship. The Music Museum is the place to experience the sublime and roll-in-the-aisles entertainment all at once. Be part of its unique history and feel the sensation!



The Biggest Little Theater this side of town is not just a place where you can watch or listen to splendid performances up close and personal. It’s also a party place, a launch place and a place that you can call your own. It’s cozy, versatile, smart and truly lovable. You should experience it again and again.


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