5 Ways to Tell Dad You Love Him

Dads are special.  They are towers of strength. They give you safe haven. They are your own, always-available super heroes.

Dads are hard workers who provide the family with a home, creature comforts and security.

They are Mr. Fix-its who always know how to change a light bulb, patch up the leak in the ceiling, or fix the leaky faucet.

Dads are the first men in our lives, our staunch supporters and strong protectors.

Dads are irreplaceable and leave a void in our home and in our hearts whenever they’re not around.

Show Dad how special he is by doing something special for him on June 19, Father’s Day. Here are some ideas:

1. Write him a note or draw him a card that says I Love You and stick it on the refrigerator.

2. Cook or bake him something special. But if you can’t do that, just buy him a burger and fries and give it to him, just because.

3. Darn his socks or fix his messed up closet as a sign of affection.

4. Be the well-behaved son or daughter he expects you to be even just for a day.

5. Take him to Theater Mall or the Promenade on Father’s Day and let him enjoy what the Music Museum Group has in store for him: a special blessing at Mass, a chance to win more raffle prizes and free gifts.


Tell Dad he’s wonderful!