Zao Vietnamese Bistro

Zao Vietanamese Bistro
Location: G/F, Promenade

Zao Vietanamese Bistro boasts of Vietnamese Cuisine at its finest without compromising taste and quality.


Setting a new standard in Vietnamese Cuisine in Manila, Zao recreates otherwise traditional dishes into fresh classics to suit a discerning modern palette. It features not-to-be-missed Vietnamese staple dishes, such as fresh rolls, spring rolls, barbeque and pho noodle soup. Explore other signature dishes like Tamarind Prawns and Shaking Beef. Zao adheres to the distinct culinary discipline of Vietnamese cooking with an abundant use of fresh herbs, spices, greens, and meats, resulting to a healthy gourmet masterpiece, bursting with aroma, flavor and texture.

Zao’s fiery red interiors envelope its diners to the many gastronomic favorites waiting to be discovered at hand. Key pieces that characterize the rich history and culture of the country pull together the overall ambience of an exotic locale.