What’s cooking at the Promenade?

Something’s always cooking at the Promenade and Theater Mall. New shops, new grazing places and lots of happy surprises.

Foodies, check out JuahnMi at the Theater Mall where you can fill up on the favorite Vietnamese hero sandwiches called banh mi and other Vietnamese-Filipino favorites.

Hone in on The Sweet Potato, where nibblers and snack addicts think they’ve gone to heaven with various flavored sweet potato fries and smashing K-Fluffies dessert choices with fun flavors like Bubble Gum, Frappuccino, Melon and Caramel Flan, among others.

If its beauty and pampering that you want, wait for the opening of five new stores. Jing Monis’ much talked-about hairstyling and makeup artistry will open soon at the Promenade and take prettifying to the next level. The country’s top photographers, fashion designers, fashion and beauty editors, advertising creative directors, models and celebrity endorsers recommend it.

Nail Tropics offers sweet self-indulgence – from the best looking manicures and pedicures to healing, beautifying treatments for hands and feet. Whether it’s to heal and prevent cracked dry skin or to maintain the soft, luscious feel of what you already have, this oasis of total nail, hand and foot care will let you unwind as you get beautified.

If your eyes are your most treasured assets, Owndays – the international optical chain company – will let you show off your peepers in style with a wide variety of glasses and sunglasses from around the world. You can choose from a wide variety of high quality frames in more than 1,500 styles ranging from basic to functional to outright fashionable.

Bag junkies can look forward to the opening of Anello, the world famous bag brand that offers all kinds of fun bags for virtually any mood or purpose. Fashionistas will love that top-quality, unique and trendy bags are within reach at the Promenade sooner than soon!

And here’s good news for Pandora lovers. The international Danish jewellery brand will bring its beloved bracelets and charms to this part of the city. Next time you hanker for a new bangle, chain, leather bracelet or truly unique charms that express your style and personality, they can easily be found at the Promenade.

Rinnai, the Nippon-based brand that manufactures gas appliances including energy-efficient water heaters, home-heating appliances and boilers, will open a store soon.

Even adventure seekers have a go-to place now at The Promenade. LostPh, an experiential destination, lets you bond and have fun as you strategize to face challenges, solve problems and escape as a team! You can enjoy the thrilling, exciting adventure with friends, family, classmates and co-workers.

It’s a wonderful summer, isn’t it!