Watching Movies Is Good For You

New Promenade Lobby

Do you know that watching movies is good for you?

An increasing number of therapists now advise their patients to watch movies to achieve their goals and overcome their hurdles.

“Cinema therapy is the process of using movies made for the big screen or television for therapeutic purposes,” says Gary Solomon, PhD, MPH, MSW, author of The Motion Picture Prescription and Reel Therapy. And a professor of psychology at the Community College of Southern California.

“It can have a positive effect on most people,” he says.

People should choose movies with themes that mirror their current concern or situation, says Solomon. Because new insights and a resolution of the situation are derived from the movie, movie watchers are able to look at their own problems objectively and learn how to use similar solutions in their lives.

But whether movie watchers have problems or not, watching movies is just plain relaxing and can really boost one’s moods. What better stress reliever is there than watching movies where reality is placed on hold for at least one and a half hours and you can laugh or cry without much consequence afterwards?

Cinema therapist Birgit Wolz, PhD., author of The Cinema Therapy Workbook: A Self- Help Guide To Using Movies for Healing and Growth” says a movie that helps you laugh or cry releases a lot of tension and really help the psyche.

Kris Aquino and Pokwang watch movies in Dolby Atmos at The Promenade.

Kris Aquino and Pokwang watch movies in Dolby Atmos at The Promenade.

When watching movies, Wolz recommends sitting comfortably and paying attention to what’s going on on-screen. Laughter can create distance between you and your problems and enhance your sense of well-being, Wolz says. In fact, numerous studies have shown that laughter can help your immune system and decrease stress hormones, which constrict blood vessels and suppress hormone activity.

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