Trivia 7

A lot of precious memorabilia was displayed in the old Music Museum and formed part of its distinctive decor. A glass sculpture by famous sculptor Impy Pilapil, a clever mural done by young students from the UP College of Fine Arts, a witty group portrait of Philippine presidents from Emilio Aguinaldo to Cory Aquino, as well as precious keepsakes and testaments to performances and achievements of stars who donated them were housed in the Music Museum. When it was gutted by fire in 1992, all that went up in smoke. The current MM memorabilia collection, however, is equally impressive.

3. John Lesaca’s first violin.
4. A collection of gramophones.

1. A mural of Philippine presidents — Marcos, Roxas, Laurel, Osme&‌ntilde;a, Quezon, Macapagal, Quirino, Magsaysay, Garcia, Aguinaldo, and Aquino — adorns the main lobby. 2. Artwork Sculpture by Impy Pilapil “Enter My Dream”.