Icings Cakes, Bread & Cafe

Icings Cakes, Bread & Cafe
Location: G/F, Promenade


Many years ago, a young girl named Ceyli discovered her family’s secret recipes by her mother’s side. These were heirloom concoctions, lovingly passed from generation to generation, with their roots firmly planted on a tradition where only the goodness of natural ingredients found its way to the family table.

Over the years, what started as child’s play soon became Ceyli’s way to manifest her affection for friends and family. The reputation of her skill in the kitchen continued to grow, and a chorus of requests started to rise for Ceyli to bring her personal style of high-quality traditional cooking beyond the boundaries of her home. Thus the doors of the first Icings opened in 1993, offering a menu built around timeless recipes, as well as modern interpretations of classic breads, pastries and cakes, that soon became neighborhood favorites.

Website: http://icings.com.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icingscakesbreadsandcafe/