The MUSIC MUSEUM —the unique little theatre where yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s future stars all made their first salvo into fame—turns 30 today, August 8, 2018.

Thirty years ago, the Music Museum was just an idea, a bright spark that came out of an inspiration, born of a desire to make things better in a music field that needed to express itself in a venue that was accessible, artist-friendly and innovative.

Founded by Kuh Ledesma and nurtured to its full potential by Precy M. Florentino, the Music Museum has been a lodestone for all things music, pop culture, stage action and entertainment. Through the years the Music Museum stage has paraded a kaleidoscope of performances that have brought joy and entertainment to thousands of audiences.

The Music Museum stage in living color. (Urbandub)


Kuh Ledesma and Precy M. Florentino were the founder and nurturer, respectively of the Music Museum. Also in photo are: Director Freddie Santos and Rosie Mendoza, Music Museum Group Vice President.


The comic duo of Mitch Valdes and Nanette Inventor always delighted Music Museum audiences


Kuh Ledesma stages concerts yearly at the Music Museum


Gary Valenciano showcased his electric and kinetic presence on the Music Museum stage

Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock, Ballad, you name it. The Music Museum has sung it or played it. From bands and concert performers to adrenaline pumping dance concerts, to Broadway musicals to comedy shows to magic shows and foreign performances, the Music Museum has showcased it.

Young stars like Clara Benin and YouTube sensation Daniella Andarade were big hits.


Morissette and KZ Tandingan debuted on the Music Museum stage.


Morissette and KZ Tandingan debuted on the Music Museum stage.

Everything popular, in demand, about to rise, rising, at its peak shows off and shines at the Music Museum – where genres meet, mix, blend and flash their brightness.

Here are 30 things you might want to know about the Music Museum:

1 . The Music Museum was the idea of Kuh Ledesma, its founder, who envisioned a regular place where artists could sing, dance, act and strut their stuff.

  1. 2. Kuh’s dream venue would let artists perform when they wanted to, unhampered by stiff requirements dictated by hotels, the performance venues at the time. The Music Museum provided the platform that would showcase and give birth to a wealth of Filipino talent in music and the performing arts. In 1989 Kuh sold MM to her friend Precy Florentino.
  2. 3. Celebrities galore attended the opening of the Music Museum on August 8, 1988. Foreign Affairs Secretary and Senator Raul S. Manglapus, Ms. Nora Aunor and Pop Kuh Ledesma cut the ceremonial ribbon.
  3. 4. Thousands of guests enjoyed non-stop entertainment from 8:30 to 2 a.m. at the Grand Opening. Musicians, singers, artists and bands all performed for free!

A gift for artists and audiences

  1. 5. Before they conquer the bigger stages of the Folk Arts Theater, the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) or Araneta Coliseum, up and coming performers first perform at the Music Museum.
  2. 6. Lani Misalucha, Side A, Jose Mari Chan, Sarah Geronimo, Agot Isidro, Keno, the Neocolors, Julie Ann San Jose, Glaiza De Castro, Loisa Andalio, Maja Salvador, Baihana, KZ Tandingan, Mateo Guidicelli and Michael Pangilinan, Enchong Dee all had their debut concerts and first big concerts at the Music Museum.
  3. 7. The Music Museum experience is like being in a cozy home where artists entertain guests in a big living room, like watching people perform at a big party. It’s the only theater in town where guests can order food and drinks during a performance so they can dine, drink and feel right at home while being entertained.
  4. 8. The old Music Museum had a restaurant where weddings and parties were held. It was a ritzy dinner place where guests could indulge and enjoy cozy conversation. It was the perfect post-performance go-to place for a nightcap.

Like a Phoenix …

  1. 9. On May 28, 1992 the Music Museum was destroyed by fire — literally burned to the ground. Artists and performers besieged its new owner, Precy Florentino, to put it up again. On September 14, 1994, the new Music Museum was inaugurated — like a phoenix that had risen from its ashes.
  2. 10. The rough floor plan for the new Music Museum put up in 1994 was drawn by Music Museum Group president Precy Florentino herself on a simple napkin.
  3. 11. Precious memorabilia displayed in the old Music Museum was destroyed in the fire : a sculpture by Impy Pilapil, a mural by UP College of Fine Arts students, a portrait of Philippine presidents from Emilio Aguinaldo to Cory Aquino, plus precious keepsakes of various stars.
  4. 12. The 25-feet tall Impy Pilapil sculpture was made of steel, glass and neon colors and was entitled “Enter My Dream”. Today, a stylized sculpture of a violin crafted by resident artist Francis Dano-og stands in its place.
  5. 13. Other burned memorabilia were antique radio sets and gramophones, artists’ well-loved musical instruments, Randy Santiago’s concert duds, Pilita Corales’ gold lamé gown, Gary V’s shiny trench coat, Bayani Casimiro’s tap shoes, Lisa Macuja’s ballet shoes, Nora Aunor’s awards, Kuh Ledesma’s trophies, ZsaZsa Padilla’s and Ric Segreto’s plaques, the APO Hiking Society’s nationalistic costumes and the His and Hers jackets of the Concert King and Queen, Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez.
  6. 14. The Music Museum’s current Memorabilia Collection includes Lea Salonga’s “Annie” costume, Sampaguita’s rocker boots, Erik Santos’ jacket which he wore on his first concert, Regine Velasquez’s fully embroidered top designed by national artist Salvador Bernal, Kuh Ledesma’s Bayan Ko metal costume, Pilita Corrales’ gown for her show with Sammy Davis, Jr. at Caesar’s Palace. And more!

Music Museum, the Reboot:

  1. 15. The design and architecture of the Music Museum then and now is living art. The Proscenium and the unique stairway leading up to the theater was designed by in-house designer/artist Osler Ladia. Inspired by the idea of “rising from the ashes”, Ladia made use of the fire-surviving metal of the old stairway and used its new rugged look and texture to create the new railing that depicts different music genres. Ladia also created a new floor painted with vibrant colors inspired by Miro and Braque. The colorful floor, Ladia said, feels “almost musical”.
  2. 16. The most popular and scream-worthy talents continue to perform at the Music Museum, thrilling fans with spectacular performances that send them rocking in their seats till they jump on their feet. From divas to soul singers, from balladeers to belters, from rock stars to R&B artists, from groups to solo performers, they have all filled up the Music Museum.
  3. 17. The Music Museum rocks! Be it Hard Rock, Pinoy Rock, Ethnic Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, The Blues, R&B, Acoustic, Folk or Alternative performers, Voice Bands, Boy Bands and Girl Bands, they all came to shake, rattle and roll at the Museum Museum.
  4. 18. Countless stand up acts, bits, comedy plays, musical comedy, satires, spoofs and impersonations have tickled the funny bone of young and old through the years. Willie Nepomuceno, Allan K, Rex Navarrete, Jokoy, Ai-Ai de las Alas Nanette Inventor, Mitch Valdes and Comedy Manila have lifted spirits, made people laugh and forget their worries.
  5. 19. Musical and Theater Plays with full ensembles, elaborate casts and lush scenery are also staged at the Music Museum. Musical theater, Broadway musicals, original Filipino stage productions and dance concerts have dazzled audiences through the years
  6. 20. The Music Museum is a Global Stage. World class acts, foreign hit makers, traveling bands and international stars have basked in its spotlight. Be they young, upcoming musicians from Asia, revered icons from the US, singing families like the Von Trapps or touring revues from Australia, they have experienced the rush of the fabled Filipino warmth and enthusiasm from Music Museum crowds.
  7. 21. Musical performances at the Music Museum are not all popular and mainstream. Jazz fests, Bossa Nova concerts, Operatic Pop, Hip-Hop-and-Classical Music together, Dance and Movement concerts, even Religious Music have been showcased at one time or another at the Music Museum. This stage has no borders!
  8. 22. Many statement performances were staged at the Music Museum like the iconic “Vagina Monologues” by Tony-award winning author Eve Ensler and “One Billion Rising” (a global movement founded by Ensler to end rape and sexual violence against women).

An entertainment and lifestyle mecca…

  1. 23. The Music Museum is now a dining, shopping and entertainment complex called the Music Museum Group. It features Shoppesville Plus, Theatre Mall, The Promenade and Teatrino.
  2. 24. The area of the old Greenhills Theater (now the Theater Mall) measures 1,800 square meters and could seat 1000 moviegoers at one time. That area now houses Greenhills Cinemas 1 and 2. Greenhills Cinemas (8 theaters total) was the first in the country to have the Dolby Atmos sound system.
  3. 25. Music Museum tickets and posters are works of art. They are a vanishing art form, however, in the age of ticketron stubs. There is a special section about the colorful posters and tickets in the 25th Anniversary coffee table book of the Music Museum entitled Music Museum: The Music Lives! available at Fully Booked Promenade and other branches.
  4. 26. Besides being an entertainment hub, the Music Museum is also a place of religious worship. Fellowship is held every Sunday at the Music Museum while Sunday Masses are held regularly at the Promenade Hall, the Music Museum Group’s new event place. During Lent, an annual recollection is held at Teatrino.


  1. 27. When the Music Museum turned 10 in 1998, a 10-band concert rocked the Car Park till dawn. The Introvoys, HYP, PG-13, Put3ska, Da Pulis, Razorback, POT, Color it Red, The Grove and Wolfgang performed outside while the APO, Nanette Inventor, Kuh Ledesma, Ogie Alcasid, Geneva Cruz, Randy Santiago, Lani Misalucha, Nina, Dessa and Leah Navarro performed on the Music Museum stage.
  2. 28. When the Music Museum turned 20 in 2008, it saluted young talents — Charice Pempengco, 16 (now Jake Zyrus) and Charlie Green,11 – as future stars and partnered with The Music School of Ryan Cayabyab to discover musically talented kids via musical tilts Musmusikwela and MusiKabataan. The best kids received musical scholarships.
  3. 29. The Music Museum marked its 20th year with a grand concert at the Araneta Coliseum: Divas 4 Divas. It brought together for the first time four of the country’s best female singers — Kuh Ledesma, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Pops Fernandez and Regine Velasquez. The rich repertoire included a tribute to their international counterparts, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. The divas also did a Madonna medley.
  4. 30. When it turned 25, the Music Museum celebrated with an all-music-genres private concert, supported various artistic endeavors and launched its commemorative coffee table book.

On its 30th year, the Music Museum celebrates life.

“Thank you to the fans and concert goers who have inspired us through the years and continue to inspire us to come out with the very best entertainment. To the artists who performed at one time or another at the Music Museum, you are its life and soul. You fill us with so much gratitude,” says Precy Florentino.

Full article published at Philstar – Aug 8, 2018

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