There’s more to love at the Promenade. Because, look! It’s now bigger and better. There are more shops where you can embark on new shopping adventures. More eating places where you can sample new flavors and savor good company – from little corner nooks to five-star dining. There are new brands to try and turn into favorites. More ways to enjoy the things you like best – like browse, graze, read, meet up or just relish time alone with yourself.

We’ve added three new cinemas that are nothing short of state of the art. Cinemas 6, 7 and 8 are all in Dolby Atmos – the newest cinema sound technology that lets sound move around the theater to create dynamic effects, so you’ll have the most realistic audio experience you have ever had.

You can pamper yourself right here. Or find ways to improve your health and sense of wellbeing. We’re sure you’ll love all the big and little things that are popping at the Promenade. We guarantee it.

Theater Mall


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