New stores galore at the Promenade and Theatre Mall

New stores, new stores!

Welcome to the latest additions to Promenade’s and Theatre Mall’s growing sprawl of food places, specialty stores and leisure services.

Foodies, home product enthusiasts and seekers of self-pampering services will love what they’ll find now in this part of Greenhills. K-Pop fans and iced dessert freaks can binge on ice desserts from K Bingsu Café, Korea’s ice desserts mecca at the Promenade Food Court. Ice with rich slathers and formations of delicious fruits, beans in different flavor ices will truly delight cravers of all things cool, in myriad flavors!

Crepe lovers should look for Crepe Kiosque No. 7, also at the Promenade Food Court. It serves up all kinds of crepes in every possible way: savory crepes and sweet crepes with premium ingredients like forest ham, Gouda cheese, spices, tuna, veggies, and cherry tomatoes – the works! They’re full of French goodness and more. Just grab and indulge on the spot!

Everybody’s favorite Goldilocks serves up cakes, sweets and favorite Pinoy treats in a new, bigger store at the Theater Mall Lobby. Easy to make it your default hunger station in the middle of your mall pursuits.

Meanwhile, those shopping for good gifts for the home, or need to refurbish their vacuum flasks, beverage dispensers, rice cookers, hot plates, coffee makers, electric kettles and bread makers should seek out the Zojirushi store at Promenade 3. They’ll make life easier and more pleasurable for you.

Perfume addicts have a go-to place now for perfume-shopping. Scents Box at the lobby of Promenade 3 sells authentic perfumes at more affordable prices. It’s a one-stop shop for perfumes of different brands, types and scents.

0And then there’s Bee Choo Origin – Singapore’s pioneer brand in herbal hair care. Pamper hair with treatments that revitalize hair and prevent potential hair loss. The treatments can also control oiliness, cover grey hairs, treat dandruff and delay the growth of white hair, besides making hair more shiny and manageable. Check them out at Promenade 3.