New Place to go at Promenade

Don’t miss out on the treats at Arcana in Promenade!

“Tucked into the second floor of the Promenade, complete with an al-fresco area along the balcony, Arcana—Full name Arcana Restaurant & Bar—is the type of place you’d go to for a relaxed night out, provided you’re in it for a bit of a luxe feel. Step past its doors and you’ll see what we mean. Decked out in sleek sophistication, the lounge is one big space filled with surprisingly comfy chairs—a rarity in bars—cozy booths, and to one side, a stunning can’t-be-missed bar with a massive array of drinks, glass, and lights all framing one big A for Arcana.

The vibe is all set thanks to the lounge’s chic space—but don’t worry as the food and drinks are at par. It’s not just looks that matter, folks. Start off the night by fueling up for the rest of it. Arcana’s got a slew of dependable bar chow and yup, full-on meals to satisfy a truly empty stomach, so you can go straight here even without dinner”. — SPOT.PH