New Foods and Flavors to Try at the Promenade & Theatre Mall

It’s a brand new year, and there are so many new things to try at the Promenade and Theater Mall. Specifically, new tastes, flavors and experiences that you can lap up in 2019 and develop a habit for!

At the Promenade, check out Yo! Panda, a new restaurant concept that offers Asian inspired dishes and desserts. Bubble egg waffles are their big thing – an idea inspired by the street treats in Hongkong. Flavors are Mango Cheesecake, Choco Matcha Jelly and Ube Quezo, but there are savory snacks and dishes as well like Shrimp and Cheese Balls, a takoyaki-like delight, Scallion Chicken Chop, crispy fried boneless chicken chops and egg on flavored rice; Cantonese Style Beef Brisket, Adobo Bao (braised pork belly with all the trimmings); Crispy Hong Kong Noodles and more.

You can let all that deliciously slide with their Premium Hong Kong Milk Tea served in a carafe.

If Pinoy food is your trip, go for Casa Reyes Bistro and get a fill of their everyday feasts. You’ll find Pinoy favorites like Lechon Bagnet, their popular Crispy Dinuguan, Chicken Barbecue, Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare that share the menu with the more continental Wagyu Roastbeef with Mushroom Gravy, Butter and Garlic Shrimps with Creamy Aligue Sauce and Wagyu Beef Tapa. Guests can’t get enough of their Salted Egg Bibingka and Cheesecake too.

Comfort Food hunters must seek out their haven at Goto Tendon that has newly opened at the Promenade. This Goto and Tapsilog place that gained fame in Mandaluyong now offers its all-time favorites like Burger Steak, Fried Chicken, Chicken Barbecue, Sisig, Adobo Rice, Lechon Kawali and Liempo alongside Mami, Pares and Lomi in the heart of Greenhills. It’s your go-to place for a fast meal served the Pinoy way.

Craving dessert? Look for Dojo Dairy. It’s a Japanese ice cream brand made from Hokkaido milk that lets you choose your favorite iced treat. You can scream for ice cream or soft serve in cones or cups, with crunch and flurries or none at all. You can choose a milkshake or a milk blend in flavors like Just Milk, Green Tea, Black Sesame, Chocolate, Nutella, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pistachio or Malted Milk. You can also enjoy Dojo-on-the-Go — ice cream you can take out in cups, pints, quarts or boxes of six.

And if you want more sweet, cold treats, here’s a tip. BLK 513 – the country’s first activated-charcoal enhanced frozen Greek yogurt is now wowing everyone with a dark side at the Promenade. It’s thicker, creamier and excitingly tart and, like all yogurt, is guilt free when it comes to calories. Choose from dressings galore like crunchy bits, fruits and syrups to level up your concoction. And you’ll def fall in love with BLK’s to-die-for combinations: caramelly Milk Jam, Salted Chocolate Gravy, Peanut Butter Milk, Spiced Cookie Caramel, White Chocolate Oldie and the 1963 Chocolate Chip.

By the way, your favorite JCO Donuts has moved to a new location. Look for it at the Al Fresco section of the old Promenade where Wingstop used to be.                                       

But that’s not all. There are lots of food discoveries to make at the Theater Mall as well!

Shawarma Shack offers ready Middle Eastern delights for all who crave it. There’s Beef or Chicken Shawarma Rice, Keema with Pita Bread, Beef or Chicken Kebab Rice, Lamb Chops, Chicken Tikka, Boneless Chicken Beryani, Hummus with Pita Bread, and different kinds of wraps.

As for potato lovers who admit that fries are their guilty pleasure, they’ll find sweet relief with The Sweet Potato, where they can enjoy their favorite crunchy delights with a lot less guilt. Healthy crispy kamote fries come in Cheese, Sour Cream and Barbecue flavors plus they come packed with more Vitamin A, C, calcium and fiber. They also have less calories and less carbs than the regular white potato fries.

And if it’s cool drinks with a lot of zing that you simply must have, hie on over to the Citrus Zone where freshly pressed juices are king. You can have pure Lemon Juice or add honey for a Honey Lemon Treat, or go with several other concoctions with tea, ginger, cayenne pepper, cucumber, mint, apple or cinnamon. It’s the perfect pick-me-up in the middle of the day and brings a lot of happy vibes with every big or little sip.

So many, many choices at the Promenade and Theater Mall in 2019. Go get your fix!