Music Museum Group’s Trick or Treat 2014 : Spook-tacular Fun!

Since 2001, the Music Museum Group has been holding spook-tacular Halloween Trick or Treats for kids. Moms and Dads would dress up their young ones in the scariest, cutest, wittiest, cleverest costumes to go trick-or-treating at the various shops around the mall.


Vampires and witches, tiyanaks, mummies, headless ghosts, hunchbacks, zombies, ghouls, including colorful Disney and movie characters have colored up many Halloween Trick or Treats past.

This year almost 200 kids joined the Trick or Treat Parade which started at 4 p.m. Parents and mall goers giggled as kids in colorful and scary costumes snaked through the various establishments at Theater Mall and the Promenade, asking for treats and looking more cute than scary. Games and activities began at 5 p.m. at the Theater Mall Lobby, with each “ghost” or “goblin” getting prizes for every correct answer to questions about Disney characters (this year).

Food and drinks followed as the most awaited event, the Parade of Costumes, began. The hosts and the panel of judges also sported Halloween costumes to charge up the atmosphere even more.

There were fairies, vampires, witches, characters from movie blockbusters like Thor, Lord of the Rings and Maleficient, zombies, a little mummy, the game character Super Mario, a cat, a school girl with a knife in her head, a mermaid, an angel, a soldier, a baby fairy sleeping in a flower-laden stroller, a court jester, a child in a hot air balloon, and many more.

Even Moms joined in the fun as they were challenged to spell P-R-O-M-E-N-A-D-E using their best Body Language, to the delight of the crowd.

The high point of the evening, however, was the announcement of this year’s 10 Best Halloween Costumes, and the winners were : 1. Child on a Hot Air Balloon (Lia Naguiat), 2. Zombie Child (Rinoa Litchburg San Antonio), 3. School Girl with Knife in Head (Francine Balagtas), 4. Bloody Zombie Boy (Christian Dave Francisco), 5. Baby Mummy (Thieny Gurlain Peñaverada), 6. The Jester (Francis Jared Dano-og), 7. Maleficent (JM Salve), 8. Baby Fairy in a Stroller (Paulene Cruz), 9. Chubby Blackbeard (Howell Ace Clarin) and 10. Super Mario (Kurt Derrick Calesa).

The event was so much fun and so entertaining that everyone is already looking forward to next year’s Music Museum Group Trick or Treat and planning their costumes.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Music Museum Group! BOO!

Checkout these features photos below. More pictures HERE.


And the winners are…(L-R) The Court Jester (Francis Jared Dano-og), Baby Fairy in a Stroller–without her stroller (Paulene Cruz), Super Mario (Kurt Derrick Calesa), Zombie Child ( Rinoa Litchburg San Antonio), Bloody Zombie Boy (Christian Dave Francisco), Maleficent (JM Salve) and Hot Air Balloon (Lia Naguiat). Not in photo are Baby Mummy (Thieny Gurlain Penaverada) and Girl with a Knife in Her Head (Francine Balagtas).



Even the Moms got into the action.



The panel of judges had a tough time deciding the 10 Best Costumes. There were so many great entries.



The court jester – some of the very colorful and unique looks in this year’s Trick or Treat event.



The costume judging contest is now in session.



The Trick or Treatin’ begins…


A Baby Mummy and her Mommy get cozy with Count Dracula, Conrad Mananes, co-host of the Halloween event.



MMG’s favorite Halloween hostess, Malu “Malu-ficent” Lanto with two scary kids — both winners of the Best Halloween Costume contest.



Look at that Trick or Treat crowd!



Colorful helium balloons made her costume reach new heights! This hot air balloon and Up-inspired costume won this year’s #Halloween Trick or Treat!



Baby fairy in a stroller – some of the very colorful and unique looks in this year’s Trick or Treat event.