More New Restos and Lifestyle Shops Open at The Promenade

Have you checked out the new restos and wellness hubs at the Promenade? There are more additions to the choices you already like at this busy dining, shopping and leisure destination in good ol’ San Juan.

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Novelty-wise, you’ll marvel at Cafe Aquatica — where Time Zone used to be. There’s a seeming under-the-sea ambience with rows and rows of aquariums filled with colorful fish in “sensurround”. Gurgling brooks and bird song provide nature sounds around you. And then you get to enjoy lots of good food and drinks besides. Yes! You can even buy the fish.

If you’re mad about tea, there’s now Ten Ren on the second floor right outside the old Promenade cinema lobby. Ten Ren is the largest, best known tea manufacturer in the Far East with over five tea factories and more than 2000 stores in Asia and North America. The whole shop is filled with everything related to tea and tea time: various varieties of tea, exquisite tea wares, truly exquisite tea. You can imbibe a whole lot of tea culture here.

If casual date places are your thing, check out Promenade’s new French boulangerie, Re-finery. This is where breakfast, lunch or dinner becomes a simple but significant adven-ture. It’s famous for its Hangover Pasta, Grilled Cheese, different versions of Eggs Bene-dict, and All Day Breakfast. This cozy restaurant with a very inviting ambience is located in the spot formerly occupied by Eric Kayser.

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Do you love custards? Then you’re in luck because now there’s a Custaroonery nook at Promenade as well. Custaroons are a delicious, unique combination of smooth and creamy flan topped with a chewy, buttery crust. You can have all the different kinds of Custaroons you want — all packaged exquisitely when you buy them for gifts or for your-self. Just look for it on the ground floor of Promenade III.

Ice cream lovers meanwhile will be happy to know there’s now a Dairy Queen at the Promenade. Addicts to the frozen delight with the curl on top can Blizzard, Moolatte and Shake all they want.

But that’s not all Pinoy food lovers will welcome the opening of favorite Pinoy cuisine ex-ponent Kuya J soon! Its location is currently in construction at the ground floor of the new Promenade.



By the way, if you’re a beauty, health and wellness enthusiast, you’ll love that Beauty Source is now in the area too. This center for herbal cream wart removal on face and neck will transform you into a smooth, wart-free beauty. You’ll be happy to know that this friendly peel-off procedure uses formulations prepared from natural fruit extracts of Mango Resin and Calamansi. It’s non-surgical but cost-efficient and very effective. A single application contains anti-viral ingredients that assure the warts will not regrow.

A healthier lifestyle can also be yours at OGAWA, a Malaysian health and wellness retail store that designs, develops and markets health and wellness equipment. This is where you can find products like a mini air treatment system running on ultrasonic technology to produce nature-clean fresh air! There are also vibration machines for slimming, firming the skin and toning muscles. And innovative 4D technology spa massage machines.

Find your food or wellness adventure at the Promenade. And always keep your eyes open for more!