MMmmmm-MOM’s The Sweetest!


Capture her sweetness in our Mother’s Day Picture Frames.

Picture frames are much older than you think – in fact, they existed long before photographs. Did you know that the first picture frame has been traced to the ancient Egyptians? Decorative framing borders used to divide scenes in ancient Egyptian and Greek wall paintings, and the earliest known frame originated in the 2nd century AD, in Egypt!

Picture frames can be expensive works of art or just plain borders that help preserve or display photos, mementos or art work. You can buy them in stores, or you can make them. Can you ever think of a world without picture frames?

Picture frames are common but well-loved gifts. And no matter if they’re a dime a dozen, their purpose is precious. Only the objects of our affection – be it photos of family, dear friends, a special someone, a beloved pet or an important record like a hard-earned diploma – are placed in picture frames. We make sure to keep them close at hand too: the bedside table, our desks, a household mantel, a favorite wall.

On Mother’s Day, we want you to cherish Mom even more by taking her photo – and yours – in our giant picture frames at the Promenade 3 lobby. Take a solo shot of the most important woman in our lives. Or let Dad join her for a couple shot. Here’s a fun idea: let the whole family join in! From Grandma and Gramps down to the newest little baby.

For sure you won’t forget Mother’s Day 2016 because we’ve got it all framed up. Your pictures will last years and years and keep all the beautiful memories alive.

Moms get a special Mother’s Day gift too. Just present accumulated receipts that add up to P2000 at the Mother’s Day Booth.

Yes, we really love Mom!