Lenten Recollection Participants Won Statues of Sleeping Saint Joseph


Congratulations to the 12 winners of statues of Sleeping Saint Joseph, raffled and given away by MMGI President Precy Florentino to this year’s Lenten recollection participants.

1. Marcita Alona Estigue
2. Adeline Enriquez
3. Sherillen Gabot
5. Ria Reyes
6. Ohila Arce Narciso
7. Vida Velasco
8. Liri Antiquena
9. Cynthia Bada
10. Maria Clara Lozada
11, Marilyn Bosque
12. Bebet Corpuz

Sought-after retreat master Fr. Larry Faraon O.P. returns to Teatrino on Holy Week for the traditional Holy Wednesday Recollection of the Music Museum Group entitled “The Walking Poor.” This year’s Lenten Recollection takes off from Pope Francis’ message of Mercy and Compassion and how all of us can integrate this message into our daily lives.

Click HERE for more photos from yesterday’s Lenten Recollection 2015.