Hot, Hot, Hot Movies at Greenhills Cinemas!

The best blockbuster movies come out in the summer. The American Summer, that is.

The good news is: they’re all coming out locally too. And the better news is: you can all enjoy them at Greenhills Cinemas, where you get to watch movies in style at all eight cinemas of Theater Mall and the Promenade.

Did you know? Greenhills Cinemas was the first in the country to show movies in Dolby Atmos at the luxurious Cinemas 6, 7 and 8. Dolby Atmos sound technology is the most advanced sound technology in the world that “lets you hear the whole picture”

For that, Dolby gave an Award of Distinction to Greenhills Cinemas for being the first Philippine movie house to bring the movie watching experience to the next level.


This July, you got to enjoy irresistible movies like Terminator: Genisys, Magic Mike XXL, Southpaw, Minions, Mr. Holmes and Ant Man. Now, watch out for even more must-see movies. Best enjoyed at Greenhills Cinemas.

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