Sought after retreat master Fr. Larry Faraon, O.P. holds free Lenten recollection on April 1 at Teatrino

Entitled “The Walking Poor”, this year’s Lenten Recollection takes off from Pope Francis’ message of Mercy and Compassion and how all of us can integrate this message into our daily lives.


“This recollection is another opportunity for us to connect with our Creator during this holy season and a good way for us to listen to Him so we can enjoy the joy and bounty of spiritual fulfillment,” said Fr. Larry..

The popular and sought after retreat master is known for his unforgettable homilies interspersed with musical pieces that reflect God’s Word and spiritual truths.

Fr. Larry is a radio commentator, author, newspaper columnist and former manager of Radio Veritas for over 20 years. Host of the TV program Family Rosary Crusade, this retreat master is also involved in the academe as a professor of theology and communications at the University of Santo Tomas, La Consolacion College and Miriam College.

“Our Holy Week Recollection is a beloved tradition for us at Teatrino. Every Holy Week it is time for us take time off, wind down and turn inwards so we can listen to what God wants to tell us. Bringing Fr. Larry back to Teatrino is part of Teatrino’s yearly Lenten activity and our spiritual gift to all our dear guests and mall goers who have made this area of Greenhills truly blessed through the years,” said MMGI President Precy M. Florentino.

The Lenten Recollection is free and everyone is invited, but accommodations will be on a first come-first served basis. Registration starts at 1 p.m. Only 294 registrants will be accepted per Teatrino seating capacity. Snacks and drinks are for sale and available at the gate.

For more details and inquiries, call Teatrino at 721-2949, 722-4501 loc 116.

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