Boy Tokwa: Lodi ng Gapo

Story begins in the present. Andy Morelos Woods, the grandson of Rodrigo “Boy Tokwa” Morelos who lives in Guam with his Mother goes to the Philippines longing to search the truth about his grandfather.

Told through the account of Boy’s friends, Andy learn more about the life of Boy Tokwa. BoyTokwa’s dream is to go to the USA. This become his driving force to go to Olongapo. Because of his wittiness, ability & skills in card games, Boy Tokwa becomes a con artist that only targets foreigners. Boy Tokwa easily becomes well-loved because of his loving nature, generosity & loyalty to friends.

Boy courted Naval officer Anne Mcarthur, granddaughter of Gen.Douglas Mcarthur but he was turned down. Finally he met Patricia Pat Woods also a Naval officer. They got married & blessed with a child.

However things get rough when relationship and family comes in the way.  In conclusion, not all bad people are evil, sometimes, the end justify the means.