On May 28, 1992 the Music Museum was destroyed by fire. It looked like it was the end because it was literally burned to the ground. But artists and performers besieged its new owner, Precy Florentino, to put it up again. Two years later, on September 14, 1994, the new Music Museum was inaugurated. Like a phoenix the Music Museum had risen from its ashes.

The Music Museum experience is like being in a cozy home where artists entertain their guests in a big living room. It’s like watching people perform at a big party. That’s why it’s the only theater in town where guests can order food and drinks during a performance so they can dine, sip cocktails and feel right at home while being entertained.

When the Music Museum had its Grand Opening on August 8, 1988, it had over a thousand guests and there was non-stop entertainment from 8:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. Musicians, singers, artists and bands all performed for free!
1. IKing Araneta, Maritess Revilla and Orly Mercado. 2. Bong Quitana with Boy Abunda and Veana Fores. 3. Director Peque Gallaga and Kuh Ledesma. 4. Lisa Macuja with Jim Paredes and Keno 5. Kuh Ledesma and Precy Florentino with Meryl Graham
Celebrities galore attended the opening of the Music Museum on August 8, 1988. Those who cut the ribbon were former Foreign Affairs Secretary and Senator Raul S. Manglapus, the Superstar, Ms. Nora Aunor and Pop Diva founder Kuh Ledesma.
DFA Secretary and ex-Senator Raul Manglapus, a jazz musician outside of the Senate Hall, and Superstar Nora Aunor cut the inaugural ribbon at the Music Museum opening. Kuh Ledesma greeted Raul Manglapus
The original Music Museum building spreads its wings in this part of Greenhills.
The Music Museum came to be because its first owner, Kuh Ledesma, wanted a readily available venue where artists and performers could perform when they wanted to. Local performing artist grew in number after the first EDSA People Power Revolution but there were not enough places for them to perform in. Usual venues then like hotels were not always available, had stiff requirements and unpredictable schedules. The Music Museum - a bold idea at the time - provided the platform that would showcase and give birth to a wealth of Filipino talent in music and other performing arts.
The Music Museum will celebrate its 30th birthday on August 8, 2018. The Music Museum was the idea of Kuh Ledesma, its original owner, who envisioned a place where artists could sing, dance, act, and strut their stuff without having to worry about bookings, difficult schedules, and big-little details like sound and equipment rentals. It was a real gift to the entertainment industry then. It still is.
Kuh Ledesma Kuh Ledesma
Kuh Ledesma mesmerizes at the opening of Music Museum Kuh Ledesma mesmerizes at the opening of Music Museum

The Music Museum is turning 30 on August 8, 2018.

Starting August 8, 2017, we will take you back in time to when the Music Museum was born. We will tell you big and little stories about how it began, what went on onstage and out of it, who were its brightest stars, what were its highs and lows and why we know “the music lives and the show goes on.”

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