If you’re looking for ways to de-stress, relax or go on an anti-aging bliss trip, head on down to the Promenade. This leisure-shopping-dining haven will definitely turn on your happy vibes and let you leave the dreary world behind.

Here are 9 ways to have a worry-free day at the Promenade.

1. Go on a food trip. There are restaurants, coffee shops, milk tea stations, dessert places all over the place. Take your pick of Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, American, Vietnamese, Italian or Filipino food. Check out Choi Hot Pot for a hot pot adventure and Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul a food treat featuring unlimited Korean BBQ inspired by the delicious street food in Myeongdong.

2. Watch movies. There are 8 cinemas to watch your favorite movie in at Greenhills Cinemas. Watch to your heart’s content in theaters that are the utmost in cleanliness, coolness, comfort and luxury. You can buy tickets online and many say, we’ve got the best popcorn in town.

3 .Pamper yourself. Sit yourself down to a relaxing mani, pedi or foot spa at Nail Tropics, an oasis of total hand, nail and foot care, or give yourself a special lift at Skin Lux Aesthetic Center. Just sit back and enjoy their high-end European skin care line –Nelly De Vuyst—used in every treatment. You deserve the TLC.

4. Go on an adventure. Play a game with your friends at Lost Philippines. This escape room is guaranteed to challenge your wits and get your blood pumping with sheer excitement. Your adventure boasts of technology that makes for advanced game play and a hugely realistic experience. Try it, you’ll want it more.

5. Jing Monis’ hairstyling and make-up are very much in demand by the country’s top photographers and the Beautiful People. Enhance your natural beauty or transform into a goddess there. You’re entitled. As for the gentlemen, Don Juan Barbershop is a much sought-after destination. Get the latest cut and your most GQ-worthy grooming in this classic shop.

6. Grab toys. If you’re a Funko Pop freak or just a toy addict, period, find your heaven at Shop4Fun at the Hobby Park, Basement 2. Shoip4Fun curates, resells and distributes toys, collector and hobbyist merchandise for popular and relevant media franchises from movies, comics, anime and games, including automobiles. You’ll go wild.

7. At the Refinery. This day-to-night eating place and watering hole is so loaded with ambience, the fact that the nosh also tastes good, makes it the ideal place to load up on bites and nibbles. It’s the perfect go-to even for late coffee or drinks.

8. Shop for the home. And where’s a good place to do that? Gourdo’s of course. This is the place to find high-quality and beautiful cookware, kitchen tools, cutlery, bakeware, coffee and tea, tabletops, serving dishes and trays, cocktail and beer glasses, home décor, crafts, sleepcare, pillows and protectors, comforters, duvet and toppers, scented candles galore, even toys and accessories.

9. And if you want to top off your relaxing day with lots of laughs, watch Funny Fridays. This laugh-a-thon sensation from Comedy Manila will truly tickle your funny bone non-stop. Proof of its success it’s that it’s been going on, almost non-stop since 2017. Catch the madness at Promenade Hall on July 19 and 26 and August 16 and 30. Show starts at 8:30 p.m.