The rough floor plan for the new Music Museum (that was put up in 1994) and Shoppesville Plus was drawn by Music Museum Group president Precy Florentino herself on a simple napkin.
Precy Florentino welcomes everyone to the new Music Museum.
The new stage had its own ribbon cutting ceremony: L-R - Monique Wilson, Janet Basco, Jose Mari Chan and Jamie Rivera do the honors.
A lot of precious memorabilia was displayed in the old Music Museum and formed part of its distinctive decor. A glass sculpture by famous sculptor Impy Pilapil, a clever mural done by young students from the UP College of Fine Arts, a witty group portrait of Philippine presidents from Emilio Aguinaldo to Cory Aquino, as well as precious keepsakes and testaments to performances and achievements of stars who donated them were housed in the Music Museum. When it was gutted by fire in 1992, all that went up in smoke. The current MM memorabilia collection, however, is equally impressive.
3. John Lesaca's first violin.
4. A collection of gramophones.

1. A mural of Philippine presidents -- Marcos, Roxas, Laurel, Osme&‌ntilde;a, Quezon, Macapagal, Quirino, Magsaysay, Garcia, Aguinaldo, and Aquino -- adorns the main lobby. 2. Artwork Sculpture by Impy Pilapil "Enter My Dream".
On May 28, 1992 the Music Museum was destroyed by fire. It looked like it was the end because it was literally burned to the ground. But artists and performers besieged its new owner, Precy Florentino, to put it up again. Two years later, on September 14, 1994, the new Music Museum was inaugurated. Like a phoenix the Music Museum had risen from its ashes.

The Music Museum experience is like being in a cozy home where artists entertain their guests in a big living room. It’s like watching people perform at a big party. That’s why it’s the only theater in town where guests can order food and drinks during a performance so they can dine, sip cocktails and feel right at home while being entertained.

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