After the fire, the Music Museum started to build a new Memorabilia Collection. If you visit it now, you’ll find: Lea Salonga’s “Annie” costume, Erik Santos’ jacket which he wore for the opening number of his first concert, PowER IKons; Regine Velasquez’s fully embroidered top, designed for her by national artist Salvador Bernal in 1989 for the Asia Pacific Singing Contest in Hongkong; Kuh Ledesma’s Bayan Ko metal costume designed by her brother, Constantino Ledesma; what Pilita Corrales wore for her back-to-back show with Sammy Davis, Jr. at Caesar’s Palace in 1980; the famous rocking boots of rocker, Sampaguita; and more!
1. Apo Hiking Society Costumes. 2. Life-sized portrait of Jose Mari Chan. 3. Kuh Ledesma’s Costume designed by her brother Constantino Ledesma, worn for her show, “Bayan Ko” at Music Museum. 4. Lea Salonga’s “Annie” costume. 4. Regine Velasquez Costume. 5.Yoyoy Villame’s Ukelele. 6. The famous “rocking” boots of rocker, Sampaguita.
The Music Museum is a showcase of impressive showbiz memorabilia. The old Music Museum had on display radio sets from the 40s and 50s, antique gramophones, a well-loved saxophone, an old-fashioned accordion, Randy Santiago’s performance outfit, Pilita Corales’ lame concert gown, Gary V’s shiny trench coat, Bayani Casimiro’s tap shoes, Lisa Macuja’s ballet shoes, Nora Aunor’s awards, Kuh Ledesma’s trophies, ZsaZsa Padilla’s and Ric Segreto’s plaques, Lea Salonga’s “Annie” costume, rocker Sampaguita’s boots, the APO Hiking Society’s nationalistic costumes and the His and Hers jackets of the Concert King and Queen, Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez. It was a real music museum! Mannequins wearing the original costumes of (L-R): Randy Santiago, Pilita Corrales and Gary Valenciano 1. A collection of old radios displayed at the lobby. 2. A well-loved saxophone and an antique accordion. 3. A collection of Nora Aunor’s singing and acting awards/trophies. 4. Kuh Ledesma’s trophies, Zsa Zsa Padilla’s plaques and Ric Segreto’s trophy. 5. Microphone used by Martin Nievera in his TV series “Martin After Dark” (M.A.D). 6. Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez Concert Jackets.

Lani Misalucha, Side A, Jose Mari Chan, Sarah Geronimo, Agot Isidro, Keno, the Neocolors, Julie Ann San Jose, Glaiza De Castro, Loisa Andalio, Maja Salvador, Baihana, KZ Tandingan, Mateo Guidicelli and Michael Pangilinan, Enchong Dee all had their debut concerts and first big concerts at the Music Museum.

Theatre Mall opens and further expands the Music Museum complex. Cinemas using the latest technology, shops and dining places turn Greenhills into an exciting new destination.
The Promenade: One more glittering addition to the Music Museum Complex

The Music Museum is now more than just the Music Museum. It has evolved into a dining, shopping and entertainment hub and the complex is known as the Music Museum Group. It includes Shoppesville Plus (a hobbyist’s and aficionado’s haven for gadgets, rare toys, specialty items, gaming hardware, software, and consoles), Theater Mall (a hive of cinemas, shops, dining and coffee places), Promenade (a level-up shopping place with more shops, lifestyle services, dining places, and the most modern cinemas) and Teatrino (the biggest little theater in this part of Greenhills that has become a favorite events place for launches, parties, cozy performances, and what have you.
Rex Drilon, President of Ortigas & Company, Kuh Ledesma, Sen. JV Ejercito, Sen. Loren Legarda, Precy Florentino and Freddie Santos toast T.E.A.T.R.I.N.O. in 2006.

What's Up?

Welcome Good Fortune in the Year of the Brown Dog

How lucky will you be in the Year of the loyal, honest and friendly Brown Earth Dog. Join the Promenade’s Fortune Festival and find out what your special gifts for the year will be. Keep your receipts dated from February 1 to 18, 2018 for items and services bought at Theater Mall and the Promenade. Single receipts or accumulated receipts that total Php 2000 entitle you to pick an Ampao from the Fortune Tree and win fun and lovable prizes. The more receipts you have, the more chances to pick fortunes from the Ampao Tree.

Nylon Hearts: Poets and world-renowned classical guitar masters come together at Teatrino

Poetry and guitar music make a lovely bouquet for Valentine’s Day, February 14, 8:30 p.m. at Teatrino, Promenade Greenhills, San Juan City. Open your heart for a Valentine concert called “Nylon Hearts.” This unique treat ups the ante on classy VDay entertainment as words blend with music, poets woo with words and accomplished guitarists pluck their strings to fill the air with romance and musical wizardry for one hour and a half.

Can’t stop laughing.. The laughs go full blast again at Teatrino

The laughs won’t stop. Because we won’t let it. Funny Fridays, the hit comedy act featuring the best of Comedy Manila, just won’t go away. Funny Bone alert is up again for 2018. From January 12 and every Friday thereafter until February 9, the laughs are on full blast at Teatrino, starting 8:30 p.