What's Up?

All Fridays till August will be super FUNNY

Nothing like laffs to make life worth living. So here’s some laughing good news. The super successful Funny Fridays that began in April 2017 and was extended till July has been extended anew untill end of August. Get ready for non-stop Funny Fridays all the way to August 25 at Teatrino, Greenhills Promenade at 8:30 p.m.

New stores galore at the Promenade and Theatre Mall

New stores, new stores. Welcome to the latest additions to Promenade’s and Theatre Mall’s growing sprawl of food places, specialty stores and leisure services. Foodies, home product enthusiasts and seekers of self-pampering services will love what they’ll find now in this part of Greenhills. K-Pop fans and iced dessert freaks can binge on ice desserts from K Bingsu Café, Korea’s ice desserts mecca at the Promenade Food Court. Ice with rich slathers and formations of delicious fruits, beans in different flavor ices will truly delight cravers of all things cool, in myriad flavors.

Movie Mania in May and June!

The beat goes on. Summer in the City is more enjoyable when we watch movies. For May and June, expect superheroes, swimsuits, medieval knights, pirates, mummies, wonder(ful) women, giant robots and animated flicks. Alien Covenant (May 10) May opens with another Ridley Scott alien movie. Alien Covenant starring Michael Fassbender (300, Magneto in X-Men), Katherine Waterston (Steve Jobs, Fantastic Beasts) and Billy Crudup (Almost Famous, Mission Impossible III) is a science fiction horror film that is the sequel to Prometheus.